Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Book Or Movie?

I found the movie better then the book for many reasons and here is some. There was actually a ending where we can see what really happened. Compared to the book where it leaves us off with such a big cliffhanger with weather Jonas and Gabe lived or not.  In my opinion I want to find out what happens.I really liked in the movie how Asher gets a way different job then the book which  brings a lot more action which I like compared to a slow moving pace.You can really see how in the movie the characters play a lot more of there role. Asher who is now a "Drone Pilot" has a lot more to do with the movie, like the part where he tosses Gabe and Jonas into the water and lies to the chief elder. I found that way more interesting than him doing nothing. I also really liked how Fiona is going to be "released" then Jonas crosses the barrier and every has the memory's back and how the Father realizes that he can't kill her. Which is a lot better then never finding out in the book what happens with the community once Jonas is gone. I really disliked how there was a chief elder because she really changed it all. She played out better in the movie but it changes its whole theme with a villain. It was Jonas vs the community but now it changes the plot. I really liked how that it kept to the book by still seeing the Christmas cabin but his time in real life which was very cool to me. It was very interesting how in the movie the chief elder always thought of bad things and when the memories come back all she get back are disasters and horrible occasions. It makes a lot more since how Jonas leaves with a Motorcycle instead of a regular Bike because he can;t get as tired from it and he goes way faster. I am not sure whether in the book Jonas actually saw Rosemary in a hologram or if he just heard of her. I personally liked the way with him seeing it because I’m more of a visual type of person. The movie was a lot more touching than the book mainly because when Jonas get past the barrier you can really see how beautiful life is and how we need to appreciate it. You can really see how much more detail was put into the movie, since it took so many years to make. They put lots of hard work and effort in it not saying the book didn’t. Overall I find myself liking the movie more then the book for the action, the romance, and the amazement of it. The movie was astonishing.   

Monday, May 9, 2016

Big Hits

What I read today in the Hunger Games Mocking Jay was ... How Katniss destroys some reinforcements that the capital sent then gets hit and blacks out. After that she realizes what going on and had to broadcast to the distracts.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

That Would Suck

What we read about was people who had remarkable memory but it has a lot of cons to it. I was very surprised that five to ten percent of kids get this. Was that guy's name just S or what?

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Walking is Weird

How do people find a spouse f they never leave the house? What we read was a story of a man that walks empty less streets when stopped by police. I was surprised there was nobody in the police car.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Cool Ending

In the end of The Giver I read how Jonas is trying to protect himself and Gabe from the Snow. Will we ever find out how Gabe grows up?  I was very surprised that Jonas ran out of a certain memory..

Monday, April 25, 2016

Brave One

In this chapter Jonas ran away but with a change he took Gabe with him. I was very shocked that Jonas used such smart strategy. Was the planes coming in days or just one day?

Thursday, April 21, 2016


What we read in this chapter what that Jonas and the Giver were conducting a plan to escape to elsewhere. Are the vehicle driver consider high honor for driving a car? I was surprised that Rosemary was the Giver's Daughter.